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About Us

Today the earths population is growing very fast towards the nine billion mark, yet the land mass is not growing. Competition for food will be more than ever. Food production , processing and value addition will continue to be more profitable than ever to feed the ever increasing population. Every year governments and multinational companies spend millions of dollars in research and development of better varieties and higher yielding crops and animals. Smart companies and farmers are inventing and learning more efficient ways to produce higher quantities of food from smaller pieces of land. This is by introducing high breed, genetically modified seeds and animals, better animal husbandry and crop production techniques. A good example is introduction of green house farming and genetically modified varieties that are disease and drought tolerant, therefore higher yields.


NikiFarm care is committed to operating sustainably and addressing social and ethical responsibilities as a corporate citizen.


To be a leading Agrochemical, consultancy and supplying company in Kenya and sub-Saharan Africa.

  What we do?

Our scope of work includes; supply of Deworming, ciplic mineral lick , Poultry products. At NIKIFARM we have the following worm control Product: Nikizan Gold, Nikizole 2.5% and Nikizole 10%, Ascazine, Nikizan drench, Pestorid D-worm tabs, Other Products include:- canine health for dogs, niki chick start for poultry, DCP, Milk it Salve,Milk Replacer. we also have other products Like the pulmic,

We offer training to our customers on the use of the major products on animals and other directives.

We are partner to other manufactring and supplying companies like Bayer, Syngenta.

Customer satisfaction is our guarantee.

 Why choose us?

We believe in customer satisfaction and our values help us maintain a friendly environment while keeping alive a fast and secure working platform.

i.Integrity- We embrace the highest standards of ethical behavior in every aspect of our business to yield a company that is trusted by its clients and stakeholders.

ii.Teamwork-Our culture of teamwork allows us to combine the quality and expertise of our professional staff to deliver optimum solutions to our clients.

iii. Excellence-Our commitment to professional excellence ensures that our clients receive the highest quality service.

 Where are we?

We are a registered company with Registrar of companies as a Limited company established in 2010 and incorporated in 2012. NIKI -FARM CARE EAST AFRICA LTD is an Associate member of Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK). We supply all animasl, poultry and farm products to our cutomers. Our physical address are;- (NIKIFARM AGROVET SUPPLIES) KIJABE STREET, NEXT TO UNIVERSAL CHURCH BRANCH: HAILE SELASIE AV., KILIMAMBOGO HSE, OPP. KAHAWA HSE, P.O BOX: 63588-00619, NAIROBI, KENYA; TEL: 020-2213003 / 2219477 TEL/FAX 020-2215589. Email: /

Our Products


An albendazole which comes in various sizes,40ms (single dose) to 1lt. Used in cattle , sheep and goats


Also an albendazole , in a safer to use strength even in pregnant and lactating animals, packaged in 125mls, 500mls and 1lt. Used in cattle,sheep and goats.

Nikizan Drench

Levanmisole and oxyclozanide combination at 1 .5% and 3% respectively . Packaged in 125mls,500mls and 1lt. Used in cattle , sheep and goats.

Nikizan Gold

Double strength , highly effective levamisole (3%) and oxyclozanide(6%) combination . Packed in 150ml, 500mls and 1lt.


A piperazine powder in 30gms and 100gms. Used in poultry , rabbits, horses and donkes.

Pestorid D-worm tabs

A unique combination of ivermectin and praziquantel tablets for use in dogs and cats. It controls both worms and external parasite

Our Works

Our Team

We have a team of qualified Veterinary officers, Project managers, Accountants and Sales managers who work in a team to design, implement a given project until completion.

Mr. Benson


Dr. Iren




Mr. Langat


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Do you want to become a smart farmer? Here are tips.

1.Chose wisely what you want to farm eg crops, animals, fish , poultry or mixed

2. Location: need to be near market, If you already have a farm , then research on what is marketable in the locality.

3. Contact experts to do a visibility study and draw a business plan 4. Learn or engage a trained personel in what you want to farm

5. Decpelop the infrastructure

6. Ensure good record keeping and accounting from the word go.

7. Whatever yo farm do it for he money: it is a business

8. Run you farm like any other business , I has stocks, expenses, income, inventory etc.

9. Modern farming techniques and development are vital, farming is a highly technical field and you must use available experts.

Topic of the week: deworming

There are many types of worms infesting all animals and will be found in various parts of the body including stomach, intestines, lungs,and even muscles.

Worms are of very significant economic importance since they deny the animal vital nutrients leading to loss of production and even death especially in young animals .

As such a good worming regime is important to control worm infestation , and ensure thrifty animals with good productivity.

The simplest worming regime is done four time a year, at beginning and after the two rainy seasons.

However for young animals and those severely affected, this may be done more frequently as the vet may instruct.


This month we visit Mr kikwau who has a mixed farm. He keeps cattle, poultry, fish , and does horticulture farming. He makes about 600000/- monthly from his farm a follows :

1: milk sakes , 200lts daily@40/-= 8000/- or 240000/- monthly

2. Chicken and quel eggs 50000/- monthly

3. Manure : 30000/- monthly

4. Sale if fish: 50000/- monthly

5. Vegetable sales : 300000/- monthly

6. Sale of chicken and quel for meat : 200000/- monthly

7. Spent cows , heifers and bull calves yearly : 1200000/-


This is a well balanced mineral block for use in all livestock.

It ensures replenishment of any lost minerals as well as provide those required for proper growth and production.

It come in 2kg, 5kg and 10kg.

It has a hole in the middle , and has a unique trapezium shape for easy placement in the pen. It's texture s smooth to ensure comfort for the animal as it licks .

Administration: this is simple! Place the block at an accessible location at all times in the pen for the animals to lick at will.

Tip: allow animals free access to water at all time.

Contact Us


P.O BOX: 63588-00619, NAIROBI, KENYA;

TEL: 020-2213003 / 2219477 TEL/FAX 020-2215589